Announcing AnyQuest PyAQ

Today, December 6, 2023, we announce the availability of AnyQuest PyAQ, an open-source low-code platform for cognitive applications.

Cognitive applications improve knowledge worker productivity by integrating generative AI with enterprise solutions for customer relationship management, marketing automation, enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, and many others.

Unlike interactive GPT chatbots and copilots, cognitive applications can run entirely unattended. They do not sacrifice precision for speed and can run longer to process more data, use different types of larger AI models, or launch long-running jobs via connected enterprise applications and robotic systems.

AnyQuest PyAQ users define cognitive applications visually as flow diagrams or declaratively as statements in a low-code scripting language. The declarative nature of cognitive applications enables automatic optimization, massive parallelism, hardware acceleration, robust security, and control.

By releasing AnyQuest PyAQ as open source, we hope to stimulate innovation in the broader generative AI community. Until now, the focus of the AI community has been on building bigger and better models. But models do not deliver value. Value is delivered by applications enabled by these models, and on the application front, we have chatbots, and chatbots to create more chatbots. To see the limits, just imagine controlling a game character or piloting a plane via a chatbot.

Here are just some ideas to explore with AnyQuest PyAQ:

  • Cognitive applications
    • Knowledge management
    • Question answering
    • Hyper personalization
    • Intelligent automation
    • Idea generation and research
  • Platform extensions
    • Models: open-source, edge AI
    • Tools: connectors to CRM, ERP, supply chains, marketing automation, etc.
    • Tasks: multi-modal primitives for video, audio, and images.
    • Memory: structured data, flat files, cloud storage
  • Tools
    • No-code cognitive application designers
    • Cognitive application copilots
    • Prompt engineering and rewriting
    • Verification, validation, and security of cognitive apps
    • LLM operations
    • Performance optimization and parallelism

AnyQuest PyAQ enables rapid prototyping of a broad range of cognitive applications solving challenging business problems. It is an excellent platform for innovation tournaments and hackathons. We encourage every business and technology leader to

  • Form cross-functional teams
  • Tackle challenging problems with generative AI
  • Share achievements with the community

AnyQuest PyAQ is available immediately at

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